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    At Pressleys, we are proud of the heritage and history we possess. Since the opening of our first store on Worthing’s high street in 1909, we have been committed to providing exceptional service, offering the highest quality jewellery and watches, and helping to create unforgettable experiences.

    Our dedication to quality, care and consideration has been passed through five generations, and is as pertinent now as it was over a century ago.

    These values remain untouched as we innovate and curate for the future. With fifth generation family member Jonathan at the helm, the Pressleys’ commitment to absolute excellence remains resolute as we continue to push boundaries.

  1. 1865

    In 1865, at the age of 14, George Pressley becomes an apprentice Watchmaker and Jeweller to James Houghton in Kilburn, London.

  2. 1872

    Now qualified, George Pressley sets up his own business in Basingstoke

  3. 1905

    George Pressley’s son, George "Harry" Pressley, applies for a job at Gooch’s, a watchmaker and jeweller on South Street, Worthing. His father had given him the 5 shilling fare from his home telling Harry to ask for the return fare if he was not given the job.

  4. 1909

    With the financial help of his father-in-law, whose family owned a long established greengrocery business in Worthing, George Harry Pressley opens his own jewellery shop at 85 Montague Street, Worthing. He later moves across the street to number 68.

  5. 1925

    George Harry Pressley’s sons, Harry and Reg, join the business straight from school in 1925 and 1930 respectively.

  6. 1935

    George Harry Pressley realises his ambition to trade in Worthing’s main shopping street and purchases the premises at 46 South Street, only a few doors away from where he had learnt his trade at Gooch’s. This store is the premises of G.H. Pressley & Sons today.

  7. 1952

    After the demolition of Worthing’s Town Clock, the Pressley family presented the town with a new clock which still occupies a prominent position in South Street.

  8. 1960

    Reg’s son Charles joins the company.

  9. 1974

    Reg’s younger son Neville joins his brother Charles, where they acquire the long established Sussex Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company.

  10. 1979

    Harry retires, and Reg reluctantly follows suit in 1999 at the age of 85. The company also trade in Bognor Regis between 1981 and 1998.

  11. 2009

    Pressleys celebrates its centenary year.

  12. 2010

    Neville’s son Jonathan joins the company as Managing Director. Pressleys expands its Worthing presence by opening Pressleys Etcetera, a new designer jewellery boutique, next door to G.H. Pressley & Sons at 44 South Street.

  13. 2011

    Pressleys opens in Chichester’s prestigious Butter Market.

  14. 2013

    Pressleys opens a Pandora jewellery shop at 79 East Street, Chichester.

  15. 2015

    Pressleys opens a new store in Worthing, on Montague Street

  16. 2016

    Pressleys opens its flagship store at 26-27 East Street, in Brighton’s premmium shopping area

  17. 2017

    Pressleys opens 1909, an intimate seasonal small plate restaurant and low intervention wine bar, within their Brighton store

  18. 2019

    G.H Pressleys and Pressleys Montague street stores close.

    Opening of new concept store in Chichester.

The Pressleys Experience

Every piece tells a story, and your
story deserves to be cherished

Purchasing a special piece, as a gift to yourself or for a loved one, should always be a seamless and exciting event. With trust, integrity and genuine consideration for your unique needs, you can rely on our expert team to ensure that your visit to Pressleys is a precious and truly memorable one.

The brands you find at Pressleys have been carefully selected in line with our own values and standards, so you can be sure that the piece you leave with will be to the highest calibre.

Your Pressleys experience doesn’t begin and end with your purchase. We also offer a range of services including maintenance, cleaning and repairs.

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