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1909 | Our new dining experience

  • Seasonal small plate restaurant and low intervention wine bar.

    What does the finest wine, a meticulously crafted watch, artisanal cured meat and hand carved marble have in common?

    They take time.

    Just as it takes time, care and consideration in creating the finest jewellery and timepieces, we apply these exact principles to the cuisine and craft we present at 1909, with our quest for perfection having started long before you take your seat in our restaurant.

    We’re driven by the materials and ingredients at hand. We only cook from the very best of what is available at that specific moment in time. Exclusivity comes from our scrupulous selection of farmers and cultivators. We don’t seek to import an alternative to a product that we can wait for from a local provider; when the time is right and the conditions and quality are at their absolute best.

    We encourage you to take a seat, to take the time to experience the very best we have to offer in this precise moment.

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    Opening times

    Tuesday 12-4pm
    Wednesday 12-4pm
    Thursday 12-4pm, 6pm - close
    Friday 12-4pm, 6pm - close
    Saturday 12-4pm, 6pm - close